Interested in cat or kitten adoption?

If you’d like to adopt a new friend please fill out our application. Kudzu Cat Alliance adopts out kittens from rescued litters born to community (feral) cat colonies so they can have a better life off the streets. If you do not already have a cat in your home we prefer to adopt in pairs.

    If a family pet(s), is everyone in the household in favor of adopting the cat(s)?

    I/We live in a:

    My/Our housing status is:

    Does your rent/lease agreement allow you to have pets?

    Is there a limit to pets allowed?

    Have you paid your pet deposit?

    Are the other resident(s) in favor of having a pet?

    Are you willing to allow a representative of Kudzu Cat Alliance to visit your home (by appointment)?

    Employment status:

    Please check any of the following reasons for adopting this cat that apply:

    Will this pet be a surprise to anyone?

    Is there anyone in the household allergic to cats?

    Do you or any of your household members smoke or vape?

    Are all of your current pets spayed/neutered?

    Are your pets up to date on their vaccinations?

    Are you planning on declawing your cat (if not already declawed)?

    Does the primary caretaker(s) travel often?

    When traveling, how often does a temporary caregiver (pet sitter, friend, etc) visit your pets?

    Would this cat live:

    Do you have a pet door?

    Have you ever given up a pet?

    What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving up a pet? Check all that apply.

    Can you provide a permanent, loving home for this pet for the next 10 to 20 years?

    Are you willing to stay in touch with updates/photos of the cat(s)?