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We are dedicated to improving life for community cats.

Founded in 2019, Kudzu Cat Alliance’s primary mission is to stabilize — and ultimately reduce — community cat populations in Cobb County. We do this via a spay neuter program known as TNR, or Trap – Neuter – Return. Community cats, also known as “feral” cats, are free-roaming, unowned cats that live outdoors. They are usually not friendly with humans, however, we believe their lives still have value. We trap them using humane traps, take them for spay neuter and vaccinations, then return them to their colony. As a result, they live safer and healthier lives and no longer increase in number.

In addition, we educate the public about the benefits of TNR, and collaborate with property owners, residents, local rescues, and caretakers to identify and serve community cat colonies. We offer resources to those who want to learn more about community cats, TNR, kitten care and socialization, and public health issues related to feral cat overpopulation.

Finally, whenever possible, we rescue kittens from feral lives and give them safe indoor homes. You can help us save them by fostering or adopting.

If you know of community cats in need of spay neuter please fill out our TNR request.

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Kudzu Cat Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization #84-3446457. Donations are deductible to the extent allowable by law.